EPJ D Topical review - Recent total cross section measurements in electron scattering from molecules

Accurate new experimental data on electron interactions with matter are necessary for the understanding of a wide variety of natural and technological processes occurring in complex environments. Knowledge of the efficiency of electron interactions with biomolecules is crucial for the description and modeling of ionizing radiation damage to living cells and biomolecules radiolysis. Accurate experimental data concerning electron interactions are also important for the description of many phenomena occurring in plasma physics and gaseous electronics, including modeling of processes in cometary and planetary atmospheres.

In a new Topical review published in EPJD, authors Czesław Szmytkowski and Pawel Mozejko (Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics, Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland) provide a comprehensive review of the grand–total cross section (TCS) energy dependences for electron scattering from molecular targets obtained by various experimental groups during the period 2009–2019. The article includes some discussion of the electron-transmission method, mostly used in absolute TCS experiments, and the main factors which can influence the accuracy of the measured TCSs are specified and discussed.

ISSN: 2195-7045 (Electronic Edition)

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